4 years telling stories

It’s been four years since HOR’s rework. You read that right, time flies.
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The rework was finished exactly four years ago, and so many changes took places during this time, except for two elements, we are still here, and so are you!
[card title= »Wantmytip » text= »text-darken-3 grey » title_color= »blue »]Four years ago, I would’ve never believed that I’ll have the chance to live an adventure such as this one through Rappelz, that HoR would have such a great impact on the community and I surely didn’t expect you, dear readers, to be so many! HistoryOfRappelz was, at the start, only meant to be about sharing some facts and anecdotes. At first, we were only following the game’s present evolution, then came the need to share facts and anecdotes, then we followed this path by organizing events, exclusive interviews with GMs, collecting and posting exclusive information and previews for upcoming content, to the point where we were the first ever internet platform to present you guys Rappelz: The Rift.
I won’t write huge paragraphs about HoR’s history and special moments. I only want to thank you all for these four marvellous years we had together. I would also like to thank many veteran players, and some that left Rappelz. Without them, HoR would’ve not become what it is today.
Before opening champagne and launching the festivities, I have a message to anyone interested in establishing an internet site. Go ahead! Work hard, don’t focus on the time it takes, put yourself completely into it. Four years ago, Holyblood and I launched HoR.[/su_box] [card title= »Holyblood » text= »text-darken-3 grey » title_color= »blue »]When we launched HistoryOfRappelz, Wantmytip and I would have never thought it would go this far. Fun fact, the site’s first version was developed on a train ! However, when we saw the true potential of our site, we chose to completely rework its interface, a special occasion we are celebrating today!
We had the chance to meet so many people, gamers and non-gamers, that discovered, or even re-discovered Rappelz via HoR.
Reading the support messages sent by you dear readers always brighten up our faces with a huge smile.
Throughout this adventure, we spent days and nights working on HoR, making acquaintances, that now became dear friends. Having the chance to celebrate a fourth birthday is the best gift we could possibly ask for.
As Wantmytip says, if you wish to join us on this adventure, don’t hesitate, but enjoy every moment of it, for this is what makes it beautiful.[/su_box]  
Today, we established a wonderful community of both readers and listeners that remained by our side throughout the years.
Thank you everyone.
Wantmytip & Holyblood.

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