Bushy Tail – The story of a three-legged fox

You already know it, we were invited to attend the Game Connection Europe in November.
We had the chance to witness and test many games, coming soon on the PC, consoles and even smartphone markets ! We had the pleasure to meet the Fuero Games Studio, a studio specialized in the mobile sector, with this time a PC release.
Let us tell you right away, if we’re talking about it, then we loved it ! Yes, it has nothing to do with rappelz, Gala or Webzen, but it’s a game we took immense pleasure testing out, and we can’t but encourage the Fuero Games Studio. We NEED to share with you readers this marvelous upcoming release.
The game was even rewarded at the GCE !

Bushy Tail, what is it ?

Bushy Tail, it’s quite the special game, a narrative choice-based game, a solo adventure.
The concept is simple, two sisters telling eachother a story during the night. It starts like this : A three legged fox entering the forest. The rest is up to you !

Wantmytip seems really focused. He is trying Bushy Tail, an amazing game. 

How is it played ?

With a controler ! The controls are very precise and pleasant. Headphones are highly recommended for maximum immersion, the audio quality is great ! You’ll lead your small, cute fox  and sometimes take different paths in the forest symbolizing your choices.
We were very fond of the audio commentaries during the gameplay, the voices were astonishing !
At the moment, we have no idea of the required PC configurations, but normally, the game should not require very much.

Discovering a new world…

Why was this game under the spotlights during the GCE ?

Choose what will happen during your journey

The graphics are great, really. It’s a unique style, that dives the player in a cartoonish-world. It’s very rare.
The soundtracks, sound effect and voices are fantastic, we never talk about them too much, really well done.
The story is fascinating and evolves smoothly. The player’s actions direclty affect the universe, which makes him the writer of his own story.
Bushy Tail has loads of qualities ! We invite you to follow Fuero Games’ activities and news by going to their Facebook page and on their game developing blog.
We really loved the gaming experience we had, and we are eager to tell you more about this wonderful and unique game ! Follow the news about Bushy Tail there !

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