Epic 10: Presentation of the new boss card system!

On the KTS, a new boss cards system has arrived, and it’s not bad at all!
You may already know this , but with the upcoming Epic 9.5, it will be possible to equip two boss cards because of maximum belt slots increasing from 6 to 8 !
So, yes we can carry two boss cards, but no, it is not possible to wear the same twice.

Collection boss cards? What are they?

It’s quite simple actually ! As previously stated, one can’t equip the same boss card twice. However, a player can equip a certain boss card, and it’s « collection » version in the second slot.
A « collection » card is a boss card that is obtained from the Black Market NPC. To get one, you’ll need to trade in a specific amount of a certain boss card to Black Market NPC.
The « collection » card gives the same base stats than the normal boss card, but in a lower amount.
To make it easier for you, we’re going to take an example : The Wantmytip card.
In addition to making your character beautiful, powerful, classy, It gives +100 strength, +1000 attack and +1000 def. its collection card will give +45 strength, +450 attack and +450 defense. We give a random example for you to understand.

In practice, how to make a Collection Card?

It’s easy ! Just talk to the Black Market NPC, and you’ll have a selection menu with four choices. The more easy a boss card is to obtain, the more you’ll need to trade in to the NPC.

When you have the needed number of boss cards, you will have the name of the card in yellow and the option to click on it. It will exchange you X boss cards against the Collection card.

When I have my Collection card, what do I do?

Once you have it, it’s easy! You will find it in a new inventory tab. It will then have the appearance of the boss, kind of like the soul pets.
You will just have to equip it. Note also that you can equip it without equipping the original card.

The video presentation:

To make it clearer, the system was presented in video:


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