KTS 9.5 : Changes on Templar's skills, changes on buff duration. EVERYTHING about the lastest update !

Thursday is the « Update-Day » on Korea. And at this moment, we have some fresh news regarding class-balancing !
The changes are positive ! Indeed, the threat level on some Templar and Mercenary  skills are reviewed and changes are made on the duration of some buffs 😉

First change  : The Threat level increases with the level of the skill

But you already know this.
So, the following skills (skills that generate threat) will generate more Threat than before !


Value of the table : Theat per level

Second change : Buff duration depending of the skill card

As the title states, the buff duration per skill card level will be increased, from an additional 54 seconds per enhancement to 3 minutes !


Value of the Table : Improvement of the buff-duration per skill enhancement

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