New belt slots, new lak system, everything about it !

[card color=« blue«  text=« white« ]WARNING: These informations are not final and may not arrive in your country. For more information, contact the publisher of your version of the game.[/su_box] [card color=« blue«  text=« white« ]A second version of the Belt Builder will be created to take these changes into account. The « main«  version of the builder, the one put forward, will not be modified until the entry into force of this system in Europe.[/su_box] A lot of things are moving ! Gala Lab has just released a new equipment system rather nice. At the time of writing this article, it is not known if it will go out to publishers.

New equipment interface, what does it look like?

 The interface changes are highlighted in green !

More belt slots ?! Let’s talk about it !

Yes! The number of belt slots goes from 6 to 8! But be careful, here are more details :

  • It will be possible to put what you want on the 8th slot, boss card or Pet card, whatever you want.
  • It won’t be possible to put something else than a boss card on the 7th slot ! ONLY boss cards can be equipped in this slot! No pet cards in the 7th slot ! (We hope you got it ! Some people read too fast and it becomes a mess !)
  • These slots are obtained with an ultimate belt upgrade kit, like the 5th and 6th belt slots. So, no particular new item and it’s rather nice.

To summarize : two new slots. One where you can only put the boss card (but it can be put elsewhere eh! As usual!) And one where you can put what you want;)

New lak system? Weird, but it will do it!

It is quite simple, we used to store laks in our necklaces. Now it’s over.
So, you may ask « How do we store our laks? ». The necklace is divided into two parts

  1. The necklace, which contains its stats, awakening and etherage
  2. The stone, which contains laks.

You may already know, the stone can be separated from the necklace, put in inventory, or transferred from a necklace to another.
Now you can equip the stone directly in a dedicated slot, now you can finally equip and switch between any necklace you have without being concerned of the stone and laks ! Cool!

A new pair of earrings? What is that ?

As seen on the previous image, in the 9.5, you will also be able to equip a second pair of earrings !
That’s all for today ! It’s already nice, isn’t it? 😉
/!\ Disclaimer : The 7th and 8th slot turned out to be only for boss cards, not as previously stated « for pet and/or boss cards »

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