Rappelz 9.4: Our opinion after the tests

It is there, it went out in Korea and it will not delay in the other countries! The 9.4 is ready, and the Forgotten Island of the Gods is there! So it is time for us to give you our opinion on this Epic that we tested 😉

The Forgotten Island of the Gods: A brilliant concept, a well-made portage

We repeat, scenario, this island is Madrigal. Gala did not make new models for the monsters, they took FlyFF monsters that they put on Rappelz. I already hear people grumble, but know that the portage is very well done and that if you do not know FlyFF, you do not notice it.
The island concept is awesome! We have to go on a boat with a pass, the boat leaves at a specific time, we have a given time to stay there, we can not PK on the Island, it’s RP, it’s fresh and we love.
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12 new weapons 170+

We have not tested, but we are happy. Peoples want a 170+ stuff and are served! The weapons have a nice look and they rock! In short, it’s cool 😉

 The changes we have not highlighted:

  • Ruin quests go up to 160
  • Impossible to feather anyone in the ruins
  • Some adjustments on the « elevators » quests (Witch questlines)

We like these little changes. The Ruins is clearly a level 165+ dungeon when you look. Just manage, and we see a lot of DP in it! In short, it’s nice!
Another point, impossible to feather in the ruins from 9.4.
Another point, the WQ and Vault of lies quests give more xp, we wait to see what it will give but it does not shock me.

In conclusion, good or bad Epic?

To put it that way, you have to look at the context. We have an Epic that was not originally planned on the Gala roadmap, this Epic arrives in a rather tight turn for Rappelz, who will celebrate his 10th year in the USA… A year ago, Gala did not care about us by taking out the parallel world, and there is something fresh. The island is 100% new (although Gala had this project for several years)
The monsters are those of FlyFF, yes. But Gala has managed to make it a force by putting an RP side that makes the stuff clean! Yes, the monsters are those of FlyFF, but the island is from the world of FlyFF! So there’s a justification! It was a well-made retraining, and it deserves to be highlighted!
On the other hand, there are two defects. The island is not instantiated, and you can stay there for only 48 minutes. Why 48 minutes? Why not an hour knowing that the consos are an hour? Why with a pass? All these questions are what makes Gala Gala.
In one sentence, this epic is good and the RP side is cool. It’s been years since we’ve seen this, and it’s a lot crazy, but there are a few small flaws and we hope that Gala will correct them quickly and continue on this path 🙂

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