Rappelz and Tekken? A musical affair

You’re probably wondering what is the connection between Rappelz and Tekken? Two completely different games developed by two totally different companies (Namco is not the type to make a mistake in its press releases !: D *).
Let me tell you about a little story, Rappelz’ OST !

An OST made by several studios because of the Rappler Creer to Rappelz transition

Rappelz, it’s mystical It has always been a mystery! In 2005, this game you all know was called « Rappler Creer » and was the very first MMORPG of nFlavor. Without going too much into details – I’ll leave this tale for another time 😉 – something happened in the nFlavor studios and they decided to completely remake Rappler Creer, this is how Rappelz was born !
However, the initial game’s OST wasn’t very exceptional. The developers then decided to keep some of the core sounds, and to renew the rest. They began working with  important studios, one of their best collaborations was with the one and only Keiichi Okabe !

But, Keiichi Okabe, who is he? :O

Well, not everyone knows who Keiichi Okabe is, but that’s okay, we’ll explain !
Keiichi Okabe is born in Japan, he is a video-game music composer, in other words he’s behind many famous OSTs you may have already heard !
Here are some games he composed for :

  • Tekken 3
  • Tekken Tag Tournament
  • Tekken 6
  • Tekken 5 (and the PS3 and PSP version)
  • Super Smash Bros. (Wii U and 3DS)
  • Drakengard 3

And some of his tracks are just plain awesome! Whether it’s music from Rappelz (honestly, Rappelz’ OST is great, even if it may seem a bit repetitive), Tekken or even Smash Bros. !
Here are some example we selected just for you pleasure :


So, back to Rappelz, what did he do ?

Simply the best Rappelz musics! Here is a small list of Rappelz musics composed by him :p

  1. The old Rappelz connection music
  2. The Music of CV
  3. The music of Rondo
  4. The music we’ve all heard 1594 times … Nan, she’s not top! :p

Props to that guy !

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