Rappelz Mobile: The FIRST IMAGES!

Attention !
The images shown in this article show games under development. They may not show the final result
Today is May 13th, and Gala has just released its annual report. As is the tradition, every year, Gala makes (through press releases) a review of the past fiscal year. (In the case of Gala, this period extends from April to April)

The line-up of Gala almost unveiled, IP Franchise of Rappelz and FlyFF are the biggest !

If Gala is not very active regarding the updates of Rappelz and FlyFF on PC (the players of flyff who read us see it ^ ^), Gala remains very active regarding the mobile games.
The Gala games catalog contains the following games:

  • FlyFF All Stars
  • FlyFF Puzmon
  • Arcane
  • Dungeons&Golf

Two next games will be released in the next fiscal year:

  • FlyFF Legacy
  • Rappelz Mobile

Informations about Rappelz Mobile

(Yes because we are there to talk about Rappelz :p)
Rappelz Mobile showed up … finally! Here are two small images of poor quality provided by Gala (they could at least have made the effort to provide some nice images for the international press 😀 )
rzmob1 rzmob2
Rappelz Mobile takes place several years before the events of Rappelz PC. The game seems to be a mobile action MMO (like many Korean mobile MMOs) and will be released between April 2017 and April 2018 after Gala Lab! The graphic style is quite different unlike FlyFF which has a style very close to the PC game. The pictures show a rather beautiful game, we are in a hurry to test the beta!

Flyff and Rappelz, Gala image

Historically, Gala is FlyFF and Rappelz. We go back to 2004, when FlyFF (called Clockworks at that time) was already interested in Gala. Then came 2006, and Gala was watching Rappelz out of the corner of his eye. It was in 2010 that Gala announced the acquisition of Aeonsoft and nFlavor, and Gala Lab was born (we’ll talk about it soon!)
FlyFF, it is a game that has been almost abandoned on PC, and that has experienced a rebirth on Mobile. Here are the images of FlyFF Legacy:
lega1 lega2

Rappelz Mobile and FlyFF Legacy are developed by Gala Lab and will be published by Mobblo. FlyFF Legacy will be released before March 2017

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