Rappelz : The Rift – Everything about the Dimension System

Rappelz : The Rift is the upcoming 3D Mobile MMORPG from Gala Lab, it will be an huge success and today we’re happy to talk about the « Dimension System »

The Dimension System ? What is this ?

Currently, Rappelz The Rift is designed to have only one server. That means that all players are on the same server. Since the game’s map can be pretty little sometimes, Gala did a Dimension System, as Layers in Rappelz PC’s Trainee’s Island.
But the difference is that you have to choose your Dimension as soon as you create your character. You can’t play for the moment with other dimension’s players. 😉 Dimensions are more than a layer, dimensions are such a clans. Such as Horde vs Alliance in WoW ! 😉

Be careful in your dimension selection… 😉


But, what to do with this system ?

The war.

This Dimension System brought a new way to play. There are dimensions quest, and everybody can give rupees to improve his dimension, there are some wars between dimensions :

A little list of « Who fight Who »


Some cool quests

As soon as there are some conflicts between dimensions, you have some interresting quests to do every days ! You can, for exemple, go into another dimension, talk to a special NPC that is a spy and that will give you a secret letter, and bring the letter to someone in your dimension.

You can go into another dimension and Wreck some stuffs, such as Carts, Materials and Support things :

Kill everybody and being killed by everybody

Since dimensions are ennemies, you can go into a dimension and PK every players. And you can be PKed by every player. That’s quite interresting because they can kill you when you’re doing your daily dimensions quests, it can bring a good PvP Thing.
At this moment, we didn’t tested it yet, but for sure, we will write something about it as soon as we test it ! 😉

To conclude, that’s a good system

This system looks good, it brings a new dimension into the lore, it will break the boreness that we can have in Mobile MMORPGs, and that system is making Rappelz The Rift the FIRST Action Mobile MMORPG with a PvP system like this.

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