Rappelz Warfare: Age of War. The first details of the Gala style mobile MMO !

Dear readers, I am proud to finally talk to you about Rappelz Warfare: Age of War, the next Gala Lab MMORPG, which will be released only for mobile phones (iOS and Android) !

From Rappelz Mobile to Rappelz Warfare:

Rappelz Mobile was the code name. Rappelz Mobile is an idea that dates back to 2013, a key year for the MMORPG industry, during which the online gaming market is undergoing a massive transformation and all companies are shifting their aim.
Gala Incorporated, which was often classified as an « old-schooler » now begin the (re) conquest of the mobile market. After launching FlyFF Mobile, which turned out to be a flop, they proceeded next to launch Mobblo (also FlyFF related) and announced that the Rappelz and FlyFF licenses will be taken over.
So they released FlyFF All Stars (we did not like it !), FlyFF Legacy (this one we loved !), vaguely mentioning Rappelz Mobile. It is brought up in press releases, Gala stating they’re working on it, but never showing the audience anything.
May 2016 : Gala Inc. announces Rappelz Mobile, publishing the first images, that we shared with you on the same day! The rendering is rather good, and the release date is announced to be for 2017
February 2017 : Almost a year later, the same pictures are re published in a new press conference, Gala still doesn’t give us the application’s real name. The HOR team is worried, we can sense a flop incoming. We were even projecting to devote a fan site completely dedicated to Gala’s next mobile project.
However, minutes before the scheduled 12 may 2017 HOR live radio show, Gala finally announces the incoming release of it’s next mobile game : Rappelz Warfare !

A high-tech game !

Aaaah Gala. Aaaah Rappelz. Rappelz has never been considered a modern technological prowess, known for its classic style, with its own special bugs, Rappelz has never really been a fabulous game from a technical/coding point of view.
Some Epics (9.2 *coughs*) can even be considered as larger updates than usual, with no concrete, solid epic worthy new material.
Of course, Rappelz still is a great game, it has these nostalgia feels to it, that make it unique, but who wouldn’t love to see a remastered version ! With Rappelz Warfare, it’s done.
Rappelz Warfare is based on the latest mobile technology, we think that it is developed using Unreal or Unity, which means it’s well optimized.
Rappelz Warfare will also have a Virtual Reality option, yes you read that right, the game will be VR compatible ! YES ! V-R ! YES YES ! 
It will also be based on technologies like PND, but we don’t know more for the moment.
Rappelz Warfare will include three different modes. And that’s not bad!

1- The VR bet

Gala announces is first VR-compatible game

Gala made a crazy bet, and we sincerely hope that they will succeed on the VR path. These past few month, Gala has been launching very innovative apps, and we, at HOR, love the concept.
The developers are daring, and they are right to do so. There are too few VR compatible mobile game, and Rappelz Warfare will be the first ever VR MMORPG developped ! They chose to go on this crazy adventure, and we’re glad they did. They had to postpone the release date, but now that we know why, it is understandable !

The Mare village in VR mode. Very, very beautiful ! 

Of course, The VR kit is not mandatory to play Rappelz Warfare ! You can still enjoy the other two game modes !

2- RTS mode, when Rappelz becomes an Age of Empire-like pocket game

The second game mode is the RTS mode. Real-Time-Strategy. It’s about managing a city, we don’t have much details about it, but we visualize what kind of game it’ll turn out to be.

Ruined city in RTS mode, it promises!

3- The adventure mode, the classic Rappelz now in your pockets !

We do not have too much information about it, but basically, it’s a classic Rappelz in 2d mode, and we want to point out that the  graphics are great !


So when is it coming ?

Less than a year! We really hope that Gala will take its time to successfully release the game, because, from what we have seen, Rappelz Warfare is incredibly promising, and will maybe turn out as one of the best MMORPGS of its time !

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