Rework of the Rappelz interface : The first snapshots !

It is FINALLY here. After many years of crowded, non-optimized interface, Gala seems to be working on improving it.
Today, we discover, together, what will the new interface look like, the combination (fused with the enhancement window), destruction (fused with the dismantling window) and reparation windows.
What’s great, is that Gala has finally released a semi-automatic combination/enhancement system, a true and solid improvement,  and that’s awesome !

The combination/enhancement window, how does it work ?

It’s very simple ! We have a window composed of two different tabs, Enhancement and Combination, until now, nothing new. This system can be used in two different ways :

  • The first one, the system we’re used to, that consist of simply placing the desired object and corresponding items the enhance window.
  • The second way and new way, however, consist of only placing the object you want to enhance in the window, then click on the desired result you want to obtain using this object (List of items located in the left-side menu) and also some additional details (That will pop on the right side menu). At this stage, if you ALT+LMB on the enhance button, all the required items for enhancement will pop in the enhancement window,  provided you have them in your inventory, then the enhancement will be possible using the space key ! No more manually placing every item each time you want to make one enhancement/combination !

Now, the repair window !

It’s the same system as the current repair window, just place the object you want to repair in the appropriate space and click on repair, no changes.

What about destroying and dismantling items?

Here, the destruction window will fuse with he dismantle window. Both options will be available in one menu, in two different tabs, no significant changes.

It’s all for this shot article ! More pictures coming soon 😉

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