Some details about Rappelz epic 9.2 and Rappelz epic 9.3

Hello everyone!
Though Rappelz epic 9.1 has just arrived on the KTS,this doesn’t change the fact of already having some details about epic 9.2 and epic 9.3.
Naturally, these details are to be taken lightly: nothing is safe!
These details were given by Gala Lab on March 11, 2013. Gala Lab also stated that they wanted to regain the confidence of the players, and that the epic IX was going to bring a lot of things that we always wanted. (From what we have understood)
Let’s talk about epic 9.2:

  • This epic will bring an automatic group search system. This will avoid typing « Exe 158 LFDP cubric MP me » or « Berzerker 154 LFDP ». A very convenient point!
  • This epic will modify the maximum level of the pets from 170 to 180. Indeed, the max level of the pets will be the same as the max level of the players to the epic 9.2.
  • This epic will bring a rebalancing of soul-pets: One can therefore expect nerve pets, or quite simply a very big nerve of the SS shoot.
  • There will be a redesign of the dungeons between 150 and 160. We have no more details at the moment.
  • There may be a guild bank system
  • There may be a mail system between players
  • This epic will arrive late 2014 in Korea!

This is all we know, for now, on epic 9.2, more info when the time comes.

Let’s talk about the new features of epic 9.3

  • The epic 9.3 will not pass the level of players to 200 but not the level of the creatures. This could, in the long term, create a gap between the player and his pet.
  • There will be a new instance reserved for Level 170
  • There may be a guild bank system
  • There may be a system of mail between players


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