The end of the quiver, and new non-shop costume on the KTS!

Hello !
As you know, every Thursday there are updates on Rappelz’s KR servers. The Thursday there is like Tuesday here : it’s the day of maintenance. Except that there, the update note comes out one day before the update, and there are two updates. The « Live » server, and the « Test » server.
In the update of March 26 on the KTS, there have been some quite interesting changes: There are no more quiver on sale, there are new arrows, and finally … There is a new costume On sale to an NPC that does not require the hidden village. Basically, no need to have the hidden village to have a suit 😉

The end of the quiver, the quiver replaced by new arrows:

The Quiver is no longer for sale at the merchant NPC on the KTS. On the other hand, for those who had a quiver, nothing was suppressed. So that if you bought a quiver before the « end of the quiver », you will still have it 😉
Following this, Gala Lab announced new arrows. They are in test on the KTS, here are their names, their stats, and their price:
Bronze arrow 5000 R the arrow:

Arrow of Steel (8000 R arrow):
Arrow of Mithril (10,000 R the arrow)
New costume, not shop costume.
Another new thing in this update of the KTS, the non-cash-shop costume. This costume is not in the CS and is not on the HV. You can have it with quests 😉
This costume makes a bit of a mix of rocker and Naruto 😀

  • The head gives strength, vita, agi, intel, wisdom and dex +3
  • The jacket gives Rap Atk and magic def +30
  • Gloves give critical strength + 10% and critical rate + 3%
  • The shoes give +30 speed of movement and + 3% speed of attack and magic atk speed
The costume on male chara

The costume on male char

The costume on a female character

The costume on a female character

That’s it! For more info, you can watch the video I made for this occasion:

See you soon on HOR!

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