The Winter Olympics and Rappelz? A decorative pet story

Attention !
The content we are about to present is based on a leak at Gala Lab in October 2013. If you are a publisher and are looking to get the sources of these images, feel free to contact us. Send an e-mail to The identity of the developer who made this leak will not be revealed in public
Rappelz has often put itself in the colors of the sporting events of the moment! At every cup of the world, there were events with cloaks in the colors of the participating countries, as well as in the Olympic Games.
Sure enough, Gala Lab has decorative pets for the Olympics in Sochi in 2014! These are super cute and have landed almost everywhere in the world. Exception for our regions. (How we’d love to see a little bear walking around next to us! A giant thing!)
In short, here are the images of these decorative pets:
snowbear snowleo
There you say « But Want is sick, he puts us an article on a Timeline for that ?! »
Yes but no 😀 The images that follow have a historical link 😉

Nyvass, the historical graphics engine of Rappelz, replaced by Unity ?

Yes but no !
At the very beginning, in the first Rappelz trailers, Nyvass was presented first. It’s a bit of a custom when a game comes out. It is often praised its graphic engine (Nyvass for Rappelz, Havok for Tekken Tag 2, Unreal for Tera and others)
Except that in fact, the Rappelz models are designated with 3DS MAX, tested with the Unity engine and used with Rappelz (which relies on its somewhat bizarre engine)! So, the images that follow have the Watermark Unity, but Rappelz does not use the Unity engine (I wanted to make it clear!)
snow_leopard_ss_03 snow_leopard_ss_01 snow_leopard_ss_00 polar_bear_02 polar_bear_01
Here ! This article has allowed you to discover decorative pets that you have never seen, and in addition you have seen the conceptual images! If it’s not beautiful … 🙂

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