Welcome on the International version of HistoryOfRappelz !

We’re glad to announce that HoR is going international !
Since 2013, we shared hundreds of anecdotes, tips, news and lore stories about Rappelz. You’ve surely noticed by now, by reading some articles, or through our Youtube page, we are based in France !
Starting 2015, the number of readers increased tremendously, HistoryOfRappelz is now read by thousand of people, everywhere in the world ! As a team, we decided to take action, for YOU ! We love to share everything we have with as many people as possible, so we decided to take a step closer crossing the language barrier, and publishing articles in English !
HistoryOfRappelz is huge archive of Rappelz Lore. We know the stories, the legends and myths, and we love each and every one of them.
On HoR, you can find all of the details about the old epics, the current one, and, since we’re also KTS players, the upcoming epics !
In real life, we have a common passion, History and Anecdotes.

The team :

Wantmytip, Co-Founder, Administrator

I am the administrator of this Website. I Co-founded HistoryOfRappelz in 2013 with Holyblood. Since i know some things about the Lore, he asked me « Why not share this with everyone ? » i accepted.
I’m also the editor of this Website and the Team-Manager. My job is posts things on socials networks, organize events, post some articles, some forum-post and do the promotion of the website. I manage the team and i do some roadmaps about the future of the Website.
I was the producer of our broadcast-show called « #LiveHOR », every saturday we’re in live on a Rappelz-dedicated radio. I had to decide everything about our radio-organisation. Since few days, that’s Holyblood and we confirmed our show for a fourth season ! 😀

Holyblood, Co-Founder, Administrator

Hey! It’s Holyblood / Sagaroth !
Im co-founder of History of Rappelz with Wantmytip. I mainly work on the technical side but I write articles sometimes.
IRL, I work in system administration and cyber security after completing a Master degree in Systems, Networks and Security Administration.
In our broadcast-show « #LiveHOR », i’m the producer of the fourth season 🙂
I hope you will like our english version !

Carpetediem, French <-> English translator

Hi everyone, I’m Carpetediem ! At HOR I’m a translation corrector for the EN website. I’m a 23 years old guy, laboratory technician IRL, it’s a long time I know and play to Rappelz even if I do a break since few months. My favorite pet is the salamander, they are soooo cute ! Have a good time reading our articles !

Nassim, Arabic <-> French translator

His name is Nassim, 22 years old from Morocco He holds a bachelor’s degree in French literature and continues his studies at the School of Economics in Corporate Management Division He start playing the Arabic Rappelz since 2009 under this names System or Mr.Wang he arrived the level 170 and stopped for a while but did not care about the level as much as killing people his victime are more than 13800 player he play with many specialties, but his heart is attached to the specialists Magus and Corruptor Because he finds his fun in the PK Yes it is from the elite of bad guys They call him The villain in glasses Because his character always wears glasses with a beard that is the only one in the Arab server without time Now is one of our team members is a translator, translating from French into Arabic and vice versa This was a brief summary of a member of our global community

HistoryOfRappelz is recruiting

Since we’re based in France, our English is not so good. So we’re recruiting ! If you want to apply, feel free to contact us ! You just have to be more than 18 years old and you need to have a Skype/Discord account 😉

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